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As a dynamic international distributor, wholesaler and supply chain specialist with a focus on A-brand FMCG and pharmaceuticals, we sell your products wherever your want, outside your regular distribution channels and we sell the products based on agreements. We carefully select channels and enhance your market coverage, without disturbing your business.

The partnerships in these independent national and international niche markets, are built upon trust, respect and transparency. Our goal is to optimally satisfy the needs of our global network of suppliers and clients. Due to our network and continuous market research, and our philosophy of thinking global and acting local, we can source products all over the world and are able to operate in the most diversified markets.

As an extension of our suppliers, we put our partners first and always strive to go the extra mile. For us, successful collaboration is about thinking along with our suppliers and clients, finding long term solutions and developing market coverage together.

Now, we cannot wait to embark on a new journey with you. We are eager to meet you and start doing business with you.

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AES’ mission is to be your dedicated global distribution partner, always & everywhere for A brand FMCG. With our supplier’s vision and our clients’ needs in mind we think, analyze and trade and create continues value to the market. 

Our values inspire our employees to strive for the best possible results every single day. We listen to and act based on global and local needs with optimal commitment and the highest possible quality of service. We do not believe in one universal solution for everyone, but we believe in a tailormade solution to every unique need.

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We are able to provide excellent service, sharp prices and outstanding quality due to continues market research and our team of dedicated experts.

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    Expertise & dedicated experts

    Due to continues market research and our strong reputation of always being transparent, we have built long lasting partnerships all over the world. We are able to gain the right information at the right time and to stay one step ahead with rapid adaptation to changes on the global market.  We set ourselves apart with our in-depth knowledge and our network, which extends into the farthest corners of the independent niche markets onboth the national and international level.

    We can help our partners with the following:

    • Stock lots and regular stock solutions;

    • Upscaling;

    • Establishing new distribution channels;

    • Supply to domestic and international niche markets;

    • Supply to independent retail channels;

    • Solutions to suppliers’ logistical challenges;

    • Additional services, such as labelling, packaging and re-stacking.

  • AES International

    High-tech Supply Chain Management 24/7 available

    As a highly dynamic full logistic service company, we are able to tackle every global logistical challenge. Our specialized team, our high tech warehouse, our logistic network and solid supply chain management system provides intelligent, accurate and fast logistical solutions.

    Our high-tech warehouse has a stock capacity for more than 30,000 pallets. We not only distribute the goods, but we are able to take care of your entire supply chain. We have the capacity to hold stocks for our partners and to forecast deliveries.

    AES ensures full compliance during the entire business process. We handle strict safety procedures and corporate responsibility is given high priority.

  • AES International

    Extensive network

    AES has built an extensive network at both the national and international levels. AES is active in more than sixty-five countries all over the world. We have the requisite network, but what is even more important is that we can deliver at the right locations at the right times based on the agreements we made. We know how we can distribute our goods all over the world without inhibiting our suppliers’ regular distribution channels. After all, these smaller local markets are not the main focus of our suppliers.

  • AES International

    Diversification & assortiment

    AES is capable of sourcing products at sharp rates and sell these goods all over the world, using even the most remote independent retail channels that our suppliers themselves do not have access to and for which they lack the necessary contacts and expertise.

    Through diversification, we constantly strive to provide tailor-made services and an optimal product range to our clients. We offer a wide range of products at very sharp rates. We can deliver all products immediately from our own warehouses. Our goods can be delivered anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, we offer flexibility with regard to order quantities and frequencies in order to present our clients with an optimally efficient solution.

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