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AES International is a dynamic international distributor, wholesaler and supply chain specialist with a focus on A-brand FMCG and pharmaceuticals. We are active in the quality cosmetics, personal care, household and pharmaceutical sectors. Our unique value is that we do it together.

Our dedicated people are experts in what they do and make it possible to generate excellent service to our suppliers and clients. All our employees are different, but have the following characteristics in common: we have strong social intelligence, and are dedicated, talented and passionate. Every day we invest in our people.

Personal development is where it starts. We both mentor and supervise, but we also leave lots of freedom in order to generate room for creativity and own input. We celebrate individuals and teamwork. From there on our people are triggered to always strive to get to better know their markets and clients, customers and suppliers. We are therefore able to tackle every challenge and to deliver solutions for every unique answer. All our employees live our philosophy. They work to our vision, mission and values. And this provides the AES culture that inspires.

Our diversified range of services and products combined with an integrated high-tech logistics platform and strategic partnerships enable AES to tackle any challenge and provide optimal solutions. We create added value for suppliers and clients in every sector we operate in and satisfy our partners’ needs with the highest quality of service. We strive to exceed your expectations. We have travelled the world and forged strong long-term partnerships everywhere. Now, we cannot wait to embark on a new journey with you. We are eager to meet you and start doing business with you.

CompanyWe all workCompanyto our vision

AES’ vision is to create continuous value and to add knowledge to the market. Our goal is to achieve a leading position on the market, both nationally and internationally, to reach new geographic areas with the best solutions for each type of client and to supply a broad range of products along with optimally efficienty and topquality services that are available 24/7.

As an extension of our suppliers we put our partners first and always strive to go the extra mile. For us, successful collaboration is about thinking along with our suppliers, helping out where we can, finding solutions together and developing market coverage, competitive advantages and long-term solutions for clients together.

We build long lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We grow together. A successful cooperation, based on agreements with our suppliers, is to invest in long lasting relationships in independent retail channels in order to expand the market coverage for our suppliers and to offer our clients a diversified product range available at any time.

For us means a healthy growth when we grow together, with our supplier and with our client.

MissionA solution Missionthat continues

We translate this to our business relationships. AES’s mission is to develop successful long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and logistical network. Our goal is to optimally satisfy the needs of our global network of clients and suppliers with a very healthy, innovative and transparent organization with values and standards that inspire.

Our standards and values inspire our employees to strive for the best possible results every single day. We listen to and act based on global and local needs and wishes with optimal commitment and the highest possible quality of service in order to offer tailor made solutions. This is possible because we think globally but act locally. No two clients or suppliers are alike. We believe in the authenticity of the trade with the personal touch, that you should never lose in the fast paced world nowadays. Every client, every supplier, every situation is different. 

Therefore, we build long lasting and successful partnerships with our clients, suppliers and logistic partners.

A solution that continues

We search for fitting but most of all sustainable solutions

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01 Values

Our values and commitments are the building blocks of our partnerships. We keep our promises, we uphold our values, and we hold ourselves responsible. Our partnerships are all about openness, honesty, trust, respect and transparency.  We do more than trade in products and services; we invest in relationships too. In today’s world of far reaching automation, we believe authenticity and a personal touch are more important than ever. Our integrity inspires trust, which in turn forms the foundation for our relationships. Our passion for winning, leadership and top sport mentality feed our entrepreneurial culture.

  • Quality

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty

  • Commitment

  • Professionality

02 Compliance

AES ensures full compliance during the entire business process. We handle strict safety procedures through the entire supply chain. Corporate responsibility is given high priority at AES. For all of our business opportunities as well as questions/challenges, we search for fitting but most of all sustainable solutions.

Our corporate code of conduct demands that all our employees stick to our rules, values, and the correct legislation of the countries in which we operate. To prevent fraud, bribery, or other unethical behavior, we maintain strict rules regarding starting new relationships both on the purchasing as well as the sales side of business: the “know your supplier” and “know your customer” procedure.