AES InternationalAgo Ergo Sum

AES International originated from a trade dream and a very strong trade spirit. AES stands for AGO ERGO SUM, which in Latin means "I trade, so I exist". A motto that flows through the entire organization. The world-famous philosopher Descartes has devised the very famous philosophy and conclusion "I think so I exist". With this he stated that you cannot know for sure in life, except your own doubt.

This gave meaning to his life as he was certain that it existed. Everything can be imagination in life, except your own esteem / doubt. This became an important element of Western philosophy. From the commercial spirit and from this persuasive power of "I think, so I exist," the philosophy I act is, so I exist.

Just as Descartes has become the father of modern philosophy with his "cognito ergo sum", AES wants to become the father of modern trade with his "ago ergo sum". This name shows the guts, power and ambition that AES has.