AES InternationalTogether we grow

As an all-round specialist in supply chain optimization, wholesale and international distribution, we always create valuable business opportunities and tailor-made solutions. We stay one step ahead with our continuous research, innovation and rapid adaptation to changes on the global markets. We can provide added value with regular lines, but we can also be your stocklot specialist. We can think together, build and upscale together.

We set ourselves apart with our in-depth knowledge and our network, which extends into the farthest corners of the independent niche markets on both the national and international level. We can sell your products wherever you want. We carefully select these channels outside your regular distribution channels, so we can increase your market coverage without disturbing your existing business.

We cannot wait to meet you and start thinking and building together.

Together we GROW.

Together, because we think it is of utmost importance that we do business with our partners based on agreements.

We, because we build and develop markets/clients/solutions together with our partners.

Grow, because we create win-win situations, enhance market coverage, provide competitive advantages and generate long-term solutions.

Thank you,

Alexander Kreukniet

Director AES International

  • 01We source

    We grow together by sourcing, with our supplier, because we take care of their stock lots, logistical challenges and supply to niche markets both domestically and internationally. We can also arrange domestic supply to independent retail channels. We are able to optimize the entire supply chain and therefore make the distribution more efficiently.

    We conduct constant market research. This lets us know how we can distribute our goods all over the world without inhibiting our suppliers’ regular distribution channels. We always create valuable business opportunities. We stay one step ahead with our continuous research and innovation, extensive network and rapid adaptation to changes on the global markets.

  • 02We serve

    We grow together by serving, our clients, because we provide our clients with long term solutions, the optimal product mix and the best in class service. We are there for you, always and everywhere due to our 24-7 available team of experts.  And due to continues market research we are able to operate in the most challenging countries. Based on the needs of our clients we provide additional services like: labeling, packaging and re-stacking.

    We grow together by serving, our suppliers, collaboration is about thinking along with our suppliers, helping out where we can, finding solutions together and developing market coverage.

  • 03We supply

    We grow together by supplying, whatever and whenever you want.

    Due to our high tech logistic infrastructure, we can adapt and act very fast and we can provide intelligent, efficient and fast logical solutions. We have the capacity to hold stocks for our partners and to forecast deliveries. Therefore we are able to deliver our stock at any time at affordable prices. Due to our efficient order processing system, high tech logistical system and our fixed and high qualified transport partners worldwide, we enable the fastest delivery possible.

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