AES InternationalWin win situations

Our cooperation ensures win-win situations. We sell your products outside your regular distribution channels and we sell the products based on agreements. We enhance the market coverage for our suppliers and increase the supply, range of products and the convenience to our clients. Our business model is about working and developing together in order to enhance/increase the outcome.  When one and one equals three, which is called synergy. Our collaboration shows that the interaction of two or more people resulting in something greater than what would be achieved through solidary actions.

We can help you with the following:

Stocklots, regular stock distribution, upscaling, establishing new distribution channels, Solutions to suppliers’ logistical challenges, Supply to domestic and international niche markets,  supply to independent retail channels, additional services such as translation, labelling, packaging and re-stacking. We are there for you.

Our niche distribution channels

We source, simplify, specialize, distribute and take care of the entire supply chain through different independent channels.

  • AES International
    Ethnic supermarkets

  • AES International
    Gass stations

  • AES International
    Duty free shops

  • AES International
    Ship chandlers

  • AES International
    Military units

  • AES International
    Night shops

AES International

Protection of your name and distribution network

We recognize the need to protect the manufacturer's brands. We carefully consult where the products can be sold, so that the regular market is not disturbed. It may concern the choice of countries and any desired restrictions, such as a promotion ban.

We now have years of experience with selling branded products in the gray channel and know the sensibilities of this trade like no other. We use the "know your costumer" procedure. Our sales team travels all over the world to speak to (potential) customers in person. Transparency towards our customers is central here; this allows us to guarantee reliability.